Invisible aligners

With transparent aligners (invisible orthodontics) we can align your teeth, achieving the smile you have always wanted, without sacrificing aesthetics at any time.

For this, on the first visit, our team performs a series of photos and digital dental records, in addition to x-rays, in order to carry out an accurate study of the case. In a second visit, we can already explain the treatment and its estimated time. Once we have the patient's approval, on a third visit, we would start the treatment.

Advantages of aligners:

  • Transparent,
  • Almost invisible;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Not limiting at mealtime, since they can be removed and put back when finished.
  • Correct hygiene without problems, allowing the use of dental floss after each meal;
  • Scheduled movements, reducing or avoiding discomfort caused by conventional orthodontics.
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