Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium screws that, once placed in the mouth, will perform the function of the missing tooth.

With dental implants we can replace one or more teeth, allowing the patient to regain its masticatory and aesthetic function. We have protocols and technology that in many cases allow us to place the implant and the tooth on the same day (immediate loading). If this is not possible, we have highly aesthetic materials to make provisionals that would serve as temporary teeth until the final crown is placed. Last but not least, all our cases are planned through 3D radiodiagnostic studies, making sure to cover every detail prior to implant placement.

We want to transmit tranquility and security to you. Dental implants are the solution for the replacement of missing teeth, where nobody will notice that you have an implant and, even less, a new crown or dental cover.

Bone regeneration

Loss of teeth will in turn generate bone loss, both horizontally and vertically, and in many cases it can make it difficult to place dental implants under ideal conditions. For this reason, prior to a 3D radiological study and a clinical evaluation, our team evaluates the bone conditions where dental implant placement is planned and, if necessary, will propose a treatment to the patient that includes the placement of new bone and even factors of growth obtained from the patient's blood, in order to have a sufficient bone volume for the placement of dental implants.

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