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Would you like a new smile?

Possibly it is one of the treatments that allows us to make changes in the aesthetics of our patients, not only in shape but also in color. It is a little or no invasive treatment in which a minimal preparation of the front face of the tooth is carried out or in some cases it can be carried out without carrying out any preparation or wear of the tooth.

There are two types of veneers. The ceramic veneers are the result of design and fabrication work by a ceramic technician who sculpts the ceramic layer by layer following the dentist's instructions to achieve a restoration that will not only offer resistance but also beauty. Composite or resin veneers, in general, are made by our dental aesthetics specialist directly, from a previous design. They are also resistant, but perhaps a little less durable than ceramics in terms of their shine.

Normally this treatment begins with a first visit where after making some digital and photographic measurements records, the patient is presented with a model or prototype of the future veneers. This allows the patient to visualize the project of the new veneers integrated into the face without having even started the treatment. After approval by the patient, we begin the minimum preparation of the teeth, take measurements and place a provisional veneer.

On a second visit, our team proceeds to cement the veneers onto the previously prepared teeth. From this day on you can already be enjoying your new smile.

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Composite dental veneers

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